Since we are also lovers of walks, how about merging with the cool, refreshing water of the Argentina river and walking up the stream? And get to know the rocks that created isolated and hidden villages? That’s River Climbing.

Torrentismo: Walking against the current


  • helmet (obligatory for under 18 years)
  • wetsuit (provided from JUKURRPA)
  • running shoes with socks
  • towel and swimsuit

The River Climbing excursion program will be published in the calender at the beginning of every week during the Italian summer season between June and September.


  • Family kids (from 8 years)
  • Teenies (from 14 years)
  • Grown ups (from 16 years)


A tour of 3-4 hours is 42 € p.p.* including transfer and a refreshment from JUKURRPA WEST COAST.

*on top of every price comes the obligatory registration card which costs 20 € for a season. Single entry cards cost 8 €.


Are you interested in joining one of our River Climbing excursions? Just email us, we´ll contact you soon! Or check our calender > for upcoming events!

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