The term comes from Australia, from the sound, wise and arcane language of the aborigines. For them the Jukurrpas are exactly the stories. The connection between past, present and future. We want to connect with people, not just accompany them. Connect to our places here in Liguria and make yourself feel the same way. Nature and its elements, ourselves, people. Nothing else is needed. Jukurrpa also means living together in empathy. From there came the idea of our offer.

Federico, Bellanca, Italia, Liguria, Imperia, Arma di Taggia, Sanremo
Fede, born in and connected to all parts of his home: Liguria, Imperia, Arma di Taggia, Sanremo.


Even though I’ve traveled around the world, I do also have strong roots in Italy. I learned to make the most out of my time, with sincerity and always with a smile on my face. I love being fascinated by places and people, and listening to every kind of story that can teach me something more about me, about nature and about life. To then tell my story, possibly in great company!

Faby, Fabienne, Switzerland, Swiss, German, English speaking
Faby, originally from Switzerland, now in love with Liguria – and Fede.


Yoga and meditation belong to my daily life. Without one of these, I feel like loosing connection with myself, loosing my balance. I learned to strengthen my body with Pilates. For many years I´ve trained my muscles and my balance towards a healthy attitude. In combination with yoga and meditation, I add flexibility and awareness. I feel at the same time rooted and strengthened. I would like to convey this feeling to the world.

Faby and Fede


From the first moment we met we understood each other. So perfectly that every part of us has matched. Between the two of us, Fede is the creative part, the triggering energy. Faby is the organization, the idea that shines. We complete ourselves, and we do what we love. This is what makes us happy and gives us strength.


We are positive, enthusiastic people with open hearts. We love the nature, respect and treat her and her inhabitants well. With Jukurrpa you explore and discover new paths – in and around you, you open yourself to nature through activities in her. We serve our guests what their heart wishes for – from traveling support, organization on place, feeling-like-home accommodation, local food till all kind of sport activities in nature. We welcome families, groups, couples and individuals who dream of a special, not mainstream vacation with heart. 


Jukurrpa means stories, dreaming and living together in empathy. We see us one day like a second home you wanna visit again and again. And every time we create you the stay you dream of and serve you the Ligurian coast, Arma di Taggia and Sanremo how you wish – individually and authentically. We wanna connect the people with the nature through movement. Movement helps, always! Our dream is, offering an inspirational vacation with profound, maybe even life changing experiences – we wanna create together with you new stories in your life.

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