There are corners of paradise where you just need to sit and listen to what nature has put there and shaped for millennia. We take our time to connect and recharge ourselves with good energy in beautiful places. How about breathing the scent of the wind between magical beaches and silent peaks?


What could be better and more suitable than greeting the sun between mountains? You connect with the nature and fill your body up with its power. That´s for sure the most amazing yoga studio you can imagine!

As Yoga is originated in the Himalayan mountains, we go back to its roots. Since there are no disturbing noises, you can really focus on connecting your body and mind with the elements of the nature.


You don´t need to have experience. After meeting us, we walk a bit in nature, experience a walking Meditation, a connecting and balancing Yoga session and enjoy some healthy refreshment. Feel the need? Just email us or check our calendar > for upcoming events!


Do you wanna make this beautiful experience in the Ligurian mountains? A Yoga in the mountains excursion is around 3 hours and costs 44 € per person. Included in this price is also the obligatory registration and insurance.

Frau die Yoga macht in der Natur.
Anjaneyasana – open your heart to the healing nature


  • yoga mat
  • suitable clothes for walk and yoga
  • sun and wind protection
  • drinking water


Imagine the fresh ocean breeze in the nose while doing yoga – the best way to fill your body with new Prana, new life force.

Every Saturday morning we meet for an hour at the beach Piccolo Jolly in Arma di Taggia at 8 AM for a balancing start in the day.

You wanna join or wish a private lesson? Contact us!


Imagine the refreshing water under you while doing yoga and Pilates – the best way to refresh your body while working intensely on your core strength, your balance and your relaxation at the same moment.

Every Thursday evening at 19 PM and Saturday morning at 9:30 AM we meet for an hour at the beach Piccolo Jolly in Arma di Taggia for a Yoga-Pilates lesson on the SUP.

You wanna join a class or wish a private lesson? Contact us and book your board: +39 349 844 76 41


Are you interested in joining one of our Yoga in the mountains excursions, our beach/water activities or do you wish a private yoga lesson? Just email us, we´ll contact you soon! Or check our calendar > for upcoming events!

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