There are corners of paradise where you just need to sit and listen to what nature has put there and shaped for millennia. We take our time to recharge ourselves with good energy in beautiful peaceful places around Arma di Taggia. From the beach from the Mediterranean with blue shore to the green fields in the high mountains. Join us, you are always welcome!


What do you wish from your Yoga practice? Relaxation? To connect body and mind? More flexibility? Pain release? I teach different Yoga styles here in Italy, focused on the need of my participants.

Create space and peace with a reverse warrior on the beach
  • Hatha Yoga: The traditional Yoga form, where you stay in the poses for a few breaths and deeply connect and balance your body and mind. You purify your system with pranayama (breathing techniques) and intensify your concentration with gazing techniques.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: A more active, dynamic and creative form, where you align movement and breath in flows. There is no routine, always different focuses, themes and tempos. Vinyasa gives your body and mind flexibility and power.
  • Yin Yoga: Here you hold the postures for a long time, usually seated, for strengthening and stretching connective tissues. Yin is the moon, the feminine, the calm side in our body, so Yin Yoga focuses on relaxing and restoring. It´s an excellent counter practice to a regular dynamic one.
  • Aerial Yoga: For this creative and technical Yoga style you use a hammock as a support. In Aerial Yoga you strengthen and energize all body parts. You feel a sense of freedom while flying over the mat, combined with an uplifting effect, because it´s great fun!
  • Morning Yoga: This is my own creation. I connect Yoga with the chakras, the moon cycle and energetic exercises. It´s a smooth, energizing and in my eyes perfect start in the day 🙂
  • Yoga Dance Suryasoul: Dance yourself happy, free and light! This amazing dance integrates the philosophies of Yoga, Tao and Meditation. We sing, shake and laugh together to rhythms and music from all over the world. Suryasoul is a conscious dance practice, based on the 7 chakras. The healing combination of Sound and Movement brings you focused clarity to your mind and energized relief to your body.

I teach Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Dance on the beach, in the mountains and in a studio. The beach is a quiet one, approx. 3 minutes with the bike outside of Arma di Taggia.
More about Yoga in the mountains >


Control your body and its movements with this healthy deep muscle training. Pilates works with the core, the Powerhouse. It´s the best training for back pain and for strengthening the important stabilising muscles.

Pilates – control and strengthening of your body


In the yogic traditions, meditations are either passive or active. Every meditation calms your mind, enhances your concentration. You become more aware of what happens inside and outside of your body, you become a watcher. The active ones release stress and heavyness in the body.

  • Passive meditations: Vipassana (sitting in silence), NadaBrahma (humming breathing) and Trataka (gazing a candle), Quantum light breath, OM
  • Active meditations: Kundalini (shaking), Nataraj (dancing), Heart Chakra, Chakra sounds, One wave dance
Calm your mind with meditation


Yoga lessons for 75min.:

1 lesson: 15 €
5 lessons: 60 €
10 lessons: 120 €

Pilates lessons for 60min.:

1 lesson: 15 €
5 lessons: 60 €
10 lessons: 120 €

Private lessons for 60min.:

1 lesson: 30 €
5 lessons: 120 €
10 lessons: 240 €

Yoga Dance for 90min.: 18 €

1 dance: 18 €
5 dances: 72 €
10 dances: 144 €

Meditations for 60min.:

1 lesson: 5 €
5 lessons: 20 €
10 lessons: 40 €

*on top of every price comes the obligatory registration card which costs 20 € for a season. Single entry cards cost 8 €.


Are you interested in joining my Dancing-, Meditations-, Yoga- or Pilatesclasses or do you wish private lessons? Just email me, I´ll contact you immediately! Or check our calender > for upcoming events!

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