The call of the sea is very strong. It’s the Ligurian one which is a unique sea, above and below. We offer you speed with windsurfing, rides with the SUP by day and at sunset, below and in it exciting dives, both from the beach and with the boat.


Our protected beach for beginners

Our windsurf spot in Arma di Taggia is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. The beginners stay in the protected bay, with the advanced ones we go outside.

Prices* group lessons (min. 2 people):

  • Beginners: 3 hours, 90 €
  • Advanced: 5 hours, 135 €

Prices* private lessons:

  • 2 hours: 90 €
  • 3 hours: 110 €


Excursion with the standup paddle into the sunset: 20 € p.p. (min. 3 people)*

Excursion during the day:

  • 1/2 hour: 7 € p.p.*
  • 1 hour: 15 € p.p.*
  • 3 hours: 35 € p.p.*
With the SUP in the sunset


We have a licence for practicing Kitesurf in our spot Jukurrpa beach in Riva Ligure next to Arma di Taggia. It’s the only legal place in Liguria where you can do Kitesurfing during the summer season! Check out on Google Maps where our Kitesurf beach is. Just contact us if you’re interested! jukurrpawestcoast@gmail.com


Discover the mediterranean sea

Our dear brother Lorenzo is a certified diving teacher and welcomes you for diving classes. Just contact him directly:

*on top of every price comes the obligatory registration card which costs 20 € for a season. Single entry cards cost 8 €.


Our inflatable boat guarantees assistance to all our customers in the water.


Are you interested in joining our water activities? Just email us, we´ll contact you soon! Or check our calender > for upcoming events!

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