Discover the magic of SuryaSoul®! We move, we shine, we dance, we sing, we meditate and include! Join this powerful and life changing dance! SuryaSoul® nourishes, supports in letting go, inspires, fills up with love, helps to have new ideas, releases blocks of thought and energy.

SuryaSoul® is a conscious, lively dance and movement concept based on the teachings of the seven chakras (energy centers) and the philosophies of Yoga and Tao.

SuryaSoul® creates the connection and activation of the chakras through movement, music and meditation. Free and choreographed dance sequences complement each other with dynamic and gentle rhythms and melodies from all over the world.

Together we awake the vitality within us, make it shine and bring us into lightness and balance. SuryaSoul® lets us forget everyday life for a moment, helps us to let go of things we no longer want and to have fun together. We distinguish between three approaches.

SuryaSoul® – DanceOfSoma

The first approach is «Soma», meaning body. This lesson consists of 75% choreographic movements and 25% free dance. The movements that are danced are based on the 28 SuryaSoul® body mudras that are connected to the chakra system. Like this we connect with our bodies and learn new movements in collective dance. After this lesson you will feel energetic and relaxed – the more often you dance, the deeper you dive!

SuryaSoul® – DanceOfSpirit

If you prefer to dance «free», then the «Spirit» dance is for you. You will be accompanied by a variety of musical styles through a conscious dance journey. You will move inwards and outwards to share the inspiration of indigenous dance with the group. During the dance, body mudras are always given as a stimulus to discover and deepen your own dance from there. Let your body express itself through dance poetry!

SuryaSoul® – DanceOfLife

If you want to remove blockages in your chakra system so that you can flow through life unhindered, the «DanceOfLife» is the best choice for you. Here we work together 1-to-1 in a body coaching to express what you want to transform through dancing, writing and/or painting. So that your blockages dissolve and you shine like the sun again!

SuryaSoul® – DanceOfYoga

When yoga positions (asanas) are brought to life with music and used effectively – that is DanceOfYoga. A dance journey with asanas through the 7 chakras, from the root to the crown. Discover the most exciting and flowing form of yoga!

Where to join this powerful dance

  • 1:1 DanceOfLife sessions can be booked at any time!
  • For the actual DanceOfSoma and DanceOfYoga lessons contact me for timetable info!
  • I integrate DanceOfSpirit at various events and ceremonies. Ask me when what will take place!


Phone, WhatsApp, Telegram: +39 349 844 76 41
Email: or

I look forward to sharing this life changing dance with you! With love, Faby

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