From golden sands and emerald bottoms to magical woods and silent peaks, sometimes just under an hour’s drive. This is our Liguria. Give us the opportunity to share with you, how wonderful this part of Italy is! How about breathing the scent of the wind with your feet suspended 1000 meters from the ground?


What could be better and more suitable than greeting the sun on the top of a mountain? You connect with the nature and fill your body up with its power. Thats for sure the most amazing yoga studio you can imagine!

As Yoga is originated in the Himalayan mountains, you go back to its roots. Since there are no disturbing noises, you can really focus on connecting your body and mind with the sounds of the nature.

Do you wanna make this beautiful experience in the Ligurian mountains? A Yoga in the mountains excursion is around 4 hours and costs 42 € per person*. Just email us.

Anjaneyasana – open your heart to the nature

*on top of every price comes the obligatory registration card which costs 20 € for a season. Single entry cards cost 8 €.

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