Enjoy and explore with us the Ligurian nature around Arma di Taggia! We offer different kind of activities, in the mountains or on the sea.


Since we are lovers of walks and cleansing: how about merging with the cool, refreshing water of the Argentina river while walking up the stream? That´s our River Climbing.

The river Argentina travels through the heart of “our” Liguria.


From golden sands and emerald bottoms to magical woods and silent peaks, sometimes just under an hour’s drive. This is our Liguria. Give us the opportunity to share with you, how wonderful this part of Italy is!

Connect with yourself between mountains and ocean


The call of the sea is very strong. It’s the Ligurian one which is an unique sea, above and below. We offer you speed with kitesurfing, fun with Kayak tours and exciting dives.

The kite is ready to fly


There are corners of paradise where you just need to sit and listen to what nature has put there and shaped for millennia. We take our time to recharge ourselves with good energy in beautiful peaceful places. From the beach with blue shore to the green fields in the high mountains. Join us, you are always welcome!

Yoga with stunning view towards the Mediterranean in complete silence.

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